International 4K technology make up seminar

Location : St Theresas college,Ernakulam
Date : 2016-11-04
Time : 9:00:00

St.Teresa's college is been associated with 4K BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR which is also associated with PATTANAM DESIGNORY ACADEMY OF MAKEUP & FASHION ART. The seminar is conducted by international professional makeup artist CECILIA MUENCH who has 20 years experience. Importance of this seminar for the changing technology one should know and understand the basics which will also improve a student attitude. As attitude will fine tune our career. Now a days makeup plays a key role in our life. We should be educated along with the updated technologies. So this seminar will be helpful & as well as educated us in the New makeup ERA.

The era of 4K imaging is here! This new state of the art technology produces image four times more realistic,sharper than the previous HD technology for the film,television and photographic industries.

Outdated and old fashion makeup application techniques are not suitable for the new 4K technology because they tend to be too noticeable, saturated and bold thus looking too unnatural, false and heavy on the crystal clear imagea produced by the 4K screen. Therefore the makeup aristry industry as to evolve to meet new standard to cope with these ultra high resolution facial images

Pattanam Designory

The academy is now on the threshold of launching unique contemporary courses conceived and designed to provide authentic, Intense and professional training in makeup and fashion artistry.


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