Hair Fixing

Now-a-days, lots of people irrespective of their gender are losing hairs, leading to several hair loss problems and eventually baldness. More than half of the male population is affected by baldness by the age of 50. Most women too experience hair loss. So Pattanam Designory providing hairfixing services for those who want practical solutions for baldness and hair loss. We offer two types of hairfixing, Permanent and Semi Permanent. The main difference between permanent and semi-permanent hairfixing is that the first one cannot be detached/removed from your body and thus will be like your natural/ real hair. The second one can be removed when it is desired and can be fixed again when the customer decides so.

Types of Hair Fixing

  Permanent Fixing (Pasting)
  Semi Permanent Fixing (Bonding)


1.Hairfixing can be done partially or fully - that is, it can be done only on the area that is affected by baldness/hair fall, be it the forehead or the centre portion

2.The process is non-surgical and hence it is completely painless. It takes 2 hours to fix your hair.

3. It looks and feel like your natural hair.

4. There are no restrictions on bathing , swimming or leading an active life.

5.You can style, comb your hair in any style.


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